Living Water Daily Prayer Diary - June 2020

Prayer of the Week Following Sunday May 31

Heavenly Father,
Your Son Jesus Christ taught us to pray giving you thanks and praise as well as expressing our hopes and needs. Father we come before you as a church  this week , praising you and thanking you for the gift of your Holy Spirit. We praise your son Jesus for the sacrifice he paid for each and every one of us which enabled your Spirit to come and dwell within us. Thank you that we can pray to you and through your Holy Spirit and the scriptures we can get to know you, hear you and be guided by you. May your Holy Spirit, the giver of life, breathe on your Church and enable us to be a people who are holy, who speak truth, uphold justice, show compassion and kindness and who proclaim your gospel to others. We ask that your Holy Spirit, who gives us power will enable us to be agents of peace and people who through words and deeds will minister healing and wholeness to others. We pray that your Holy Spirit will move powerfully over the earth bringing seasonable conditions so that the land will flourish and be productive and its bounty shared with those in need. Come Holy Spirit as a floodtide so that spiritual rain will fall upon the nations of the world bringing many people into a lasting relationship with you. Father send the Holy Spirit as wind blowing away all hatred and greed, war and violence bringing instead peace, harmony and cooperation. Give the leaders of the nations your wisdom and discernment as they deal with the effects of this pandemic. Please send your Holy Spirit as fire burning  away sin, fear, hopelessness, despair and  disease, replacing them with health, wholeness, hope and comfort.
We ask these things confident in your goodness in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen

Praying through the Directory

  1. Rachel P
  2. Charles & Deepti P
  3. Shirley R

Prayer Requests

We as a church family are committed to lifting one another up to God that he would heal our wounds, fill us with his love, meet our urgent needs, and have his perfect will fulfilled in our lives. The Living Water prayer group prays at 8am Tuesdays as well as through the week, under the leadership of Revd Dorothy Bailey. You’re welcome to submit this form with any prayer requests for Dot and the team.


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