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We believe following Jesus is something that we do together. We love sharing life with one another. For this reason LifeGroups are the heart of our church because in these small groups we find acceptance and belonging as we learn to live in the love of Jesus. God’s love is experienced in the love of his people in community.
In all our Life Groups, we encourage four things to be happening.
  •  Fellowship: enjoying friendship and giving and receiving care.
  •  Prayer
  •  Studying Scripture
  •  Mission: together serving in the mission of the church and perhaps a worthwhile community based project  your group decides to pursue.
At the end of 2023 we will be dissolving all the lifegroups of the church and re-forming in early 2024.
We are doing this in order to give opportunity for:
  • Some lifegroup leaders to take a break if they would like to
  • For people to consider whether they would like to host or lead a lifegroup 
  • For people to change to a different Lifegroup
  • Or for people to try attending a lifegroup for the first time. 
If you are considering hosting or leading a lifegroup next year please get in touch with Richard Goetz (Lifegroups coordinator) at
We are planning to re-form all our Lifegroups during the month of February 2024. Keep an eye out for information about new groups in the e-news we send out each Thursday.