Look at any suggested list of the five most influential human figures, and Jesus will invariably be in every list. Amazingly, most of the others on the list will claim some degree of allegiance to Jesus, some even professing to worship Him.

And then, make up a list of all those who have claimed to be God. No one has ever appeared on both lists – except One. No one has ever claimed to be God and successfully gathered a following. Those who claim to be God are universally acknowledged to be deceived and yet, Jesus Christ alone fits comfortably into both lists. His claims to be Divine were unequivocal and despite that, even today, more than 2.3 billion people claim to feel His influence! What other religious leader can claim the accolades from almost every other religion as does Jesus Christ?


Was there anyone ever who did the kinds of things he did? His deeds are famously spoken of in many writings of the first century Roman Empire. Contemporary enemies and followers alike unanimously acknowledge his powers. Two thousand years later his actions and teachings are still studied. He turns water into wine; effortlessly walks on water; he speaks to storms and they obey; he heals every kind of disease without any hype or atmosphere; he even raises the dead. His teachings are unsurpassed, quoted by almost every religion and every belief system everywhere. His morals are beyond questioning by all. The book containing His teaching remains the number one bestseller with no rival coming anywhere close.


Was there anyone ever who claimed the kinds of things Jesus claimed? That he alone will sit in judgment upon our every word, thought and deed. He alone dispenses the right to life, he alone grants access to the Father, he alone is the truth, he alone redeems all things and he alone will create the new heavens and the new earth, he alone has all authority in heaven and on earth.

Was there any other being in all the Universe who claimed to be both God and man? According to Jesus Christ, our attitude to Him is the supreme question of our existence!


No one has ever claimed to be the Saviour of humanity, or the Universe for that matter. Where others point to their teachings or to the moral compass within, or to self-exertion and religious performance, Jesus stands in absolute contrast. He leaves nothing to us. He points to the reality of our hopeless inability and then in sacrificial love and grace does for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

He dies!

But his death was no defeat and  no accident. On the cross, God was reconciling the world to himself, how?God was in Jesus taking into himself everything wrong and evil with the universe and putting it to death, and then in rising to new life he proved he had conquered evil and death. New life, God's love wins!

He's alive!

In an instant, forgivness is made possible, reconciliation between the Creator and the Creation is achieved. His words, ‘It is finished’ echo through eternity. He has done it. Can anyone else claim such a thing?

Jesus Christ – man and God in perfect harmony. Nothing can be more important than knowing Him.

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