Sunday School & Creche

This is our online page for families while we're in lockdown. There are videos, coloring pages, and other activities relevant to Sunday worship for families.

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How to do Sundays 1

One way to do Kids@Home is to do it with your kids before watching the main video together.

  1. get the coloring page or craft ready to go and watch the kids video/s together.
  2. read the relevant Bible passages together, get the kids up to the more self-directed activities bit
  3. pause that with them to start the Worship@Home video together, doing most of the service with them, but when they've had enough...
  4. pause the Worship@Home video and set the kids back up to finish their activity and explain what they can do once they're totally finished. Then adults can go back and...
  5. listen to the rest of Worship@Home in peace! (Hmm….)

How to do Sundays 2

Another way is to mimic actual Sunday Services, where the kids go out.

  1. use two devices and two areas of the house, eg the TV for Worship@Home, and a tablet for Kids@Home
  2. Begin the Worship@Home video all together
  3. pause Worship@Home when you're up to the intercessions or the sermon
  4. go with the kids to the other device, press play on the kids video, ask them to do the craft or coloring once the video is finished and come back to the adults room if they totally finish
  5. go back to the adults-room and...
  6. hope the little ones don't just go on to other random Youtube videos after they've finished the Kids@Home one!
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