Communion: The meal Jesus gave us

Jesus shared a meal of bread and wine with his disciples the night before he died. He taught them that the bread and wine signified his body broken (bread) and his blood shed (wine) for the forgiveness of sin – and that they were to continue to share this meal, in memory of him, until he returned.

Receiving the bread and wine in Communion is an expression of our faith and trust in Jesus and his death for the forgiveness of our sins – when we eat the bread and drink from the cup, by faith we are reaching out and accepting that what Jesus did, he did for us: for me. And so Christians, since the time of the first disciples, have always appreciated the significance of Communion and how it strengthens and encourages us in the love of Jesus.

If you are a disciple of Jesus you are welcome to his table. If you haven’t been baptised yet – we’d love to prepare you for baptism.

Children and Communion: ‘Don’t hinder the children from coming to me…’

We encourage all our children to participate by coming up for prayer during Communion and in this way they are hearing and learning the meaning of the meal week by week. Normally children wait to receive the bread and wine until they have been Confirmed. But if your child has been baptised and desires to receive Communion, parents and the minister can prepare their children for this and can formally Welcome children to Communion in anticipation of their future Confirmation.

Please speak to our Ministers, Shane or Paul, if you have any questions about Baptism, Communion and the participation of your children.

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