Living Water Anglican Church

Our Community Store is an awesome place to find freshly grown veggies and potted plants, recycled clothing, home knick knacks and always a smiling welcome!

78 Lower King Road, Collingwood Heights, Albany, WA 6330
Telephone: 049 726 9847

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 4pm

Saturdays: 10am – 1pm (on hold)

Here are 7 great reasons to support Community Stores!

1. It is ethical and environmentally friendly
Buying freshly grown veggies and potted plants is environmentally friendly. Buying second hand clothes and goods is recycling, keeping stuff out of the landfills. We interrupt the cycle of buy, use, throw away.

2. It saves you money
Why buy brand-new clothes for hundreds of dollars when you can buy a whole new wardrobe for less. Why buy brand-new clothes for your children that they grow out of in 6 months, when you can stock their drawers full for a quarter of the price

3. It provides a higher satisfaction/purchase ratio than in the mainstream stores
At any time, the average person can go to a store, find at least one item of clothing/shoes/homewares they like, buy it and take it home. Instant gratification, instant satisfaction. But how much satisfaction, really? Compare that experience to finding a brand new skirt at the Community Store, still with its price tag of $39.99, for $5. Or patiently visiting every week until you find that perfect jacket that fits you beautifully, for a mere $5. Or finding some beautiful vintage wooden well-made toys for your children, for $1.

4. It can offer better quality than the mainstream stores
Most of the clothes in a Community Store have been worn and played in by their previous owners. They’ve gone through the washing machine many a time, before ending up in the store. Therefore, you know that these clothes will not disintegrate in the first wash, or shrink. Clothes that have survived to make it to the Community Store are generally of a better quality than your average sweatshop shrink-in-the-wash t-shirt.

5. It offers the opportunity to experiment
Maybe you’ve never worn a shirt in that colour before. Or a dress in that style. Maybe you spy something you’d like to dye a different colour. Take the chance and see what happens! Unlike mainstream stores, if the experiment doesn’t work, you’re only out of pocket in gold coins.

 6. It offers more variety than the current trends
Community Stores can potentially have anything. What kind of store has fresh veggies, clothing, books, jewelry, knick knacks, all in the one place? Every option for the style you prefer can potentially be there for the finding. If you don’t like the current trend, go have a look in the op shop!

7. It’s fun!
Its like treasure hunting. You have the thrill of shopping without the guilt of maxing out the credit card. The anticipation of not knowing what lies inside, but it could be something wonderful….

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