Life Groups

There are lots of different groups ranging in age and meeting times, and in all our LifeGroups, we encourage four things to be happening.

  1. Fellowship: enjoying friendship and giving and receiving care.
  2. Prayer
  3. Studying Scripture
  4. Mission: together serving in the mission of the church and perhaps a worthwhile community based project your group decides to pursue.



Of course you can. In fact small groups are often the best way to grow your Bible knowledge as you can ask questions and find out what others think about the things you’re not sure of.

Yes you can move at any time. Living Water also dissolves all groups from time to time and re- forms them in the new year, this gives everyone an opportunity to try a new group or take a break.

The leaders are mature Christians with experience in leading small groups.

Your commitment is your choice. Most people find regular attendance the best way to get the most out of their groups. Life groups often also become part of the volunteer fabric of the Living Water community and, which is a great way to grow in friendship as you serve others.

There are no joining fees. You may be asked to purchase study guides but each group will have a different policy regarding resources used.

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