A treasurer is appointed by Parish Council and is responsible to produce monthly financial statements submitted to Parish Council. Each year our finances are audited and then submitted to the Diocesan Office. All the finances of the Diocese are then also audited annually.

Living Water is responsible for all costs associated with the ministry of the church. We don’t receive funding from any other source apart from the generosity of our members. 10% of our general giving is subject to Diocesan assessment and is paid over to assist with Diocesan administration and to support other parishes in need.

Living Water is also committed to partnering with like-minded organisations in furthering the cause of Jesus in the wider world. Parish Council therefore also sets aside an additional 10% of our general giving to support partner mission and ministry organisations. A list of them can be found here .


The Building Fund receives donations to fund major capital investment. Since this giving is in addition to our regular giving and is for the purpose of investing in assets to support future growth and ministry. These donations are not subject to Diocesan Assessment or Mission giving but go directly to fulfilling the asset development aspects of our church.

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