Living Water Anglican Church, Parish of Oyster Harbour is part of the Diocese of Bunbury.

Parish Council:
Living Water is formally served by appointed leaders, as well as parish-elected leaders who together constitute Parish Council (PC).

1. Appointed Leaders:
Ministers Licensed by the Bishop

  • Rev Shane Marques – Minister

Appointed by the Minister

  • Malcolm Bromhead – Warden

2. Parish-Elected Leaders:

  • Warden: Rob Palmer, Jeremy Lemon, Malcolm Bromhead
  • Parish Councillors: Brent Findlay, Ingrid Moolman, Bart Wassink
  • Mission Secretary: Shirley Main

All elections for Parish Council take place at the Annual Meeting of Parishioners (AMP) held each year before the end of February.

The Role of Retired Clergy:

Retired Clergy who have the Bishops license to officiate may, at the Rector’s invitation, serve in the parish without carrying formal leadership responsibility. We are grateful to Rev Dorothy Bailey and Rev Audrey Payne who bless us with their ministry at Living Water in various ways.