Creche (0-yr1):
Our Creche is a safe and age appropriate environment for our little ones to be cared for and nurtured in the basics of the Christian faith, through music, story and craft. Children can be brought to the crèche about mid way through the service when the Service Leader makes the announcement.

All Children are to be signed in by an adult and signed out promptly when the service ends.

A fruit snack is provided by the crèche volunteers, please indicate to them if this is not appropriate for your child.

Sunday School (yr2-7):
The Sunday school ministry provides a stimulating and nurturing environment for our kids to develop and grow in their knowledge and love for God. The Sunday School meets in the Community House and begins about mid way through the service when the service leader makes the announcement.

Youth (yr8-11):
A youth Bible study periodically takes place on Sundays and provides an environment for our high schoolers to discuss the teaching of the day or other relevant topics with an experienced leader. Youth meet in the Community House and can make their way there when the service leader makes the announcement, about midway through the service.

Volunteer or Assist with the Creche, Sunday School or Youth:

If you would like to assist or volunteer for any of the above groups please fill in the form below with your details and experience of working with children,